Vision Statement

Michigan State University will be a place where all people have the means and the opportunity to resolve conflict peacefully and in a manner that supports personal and community accountability and social justice.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate students to be responsible citizens and maintain the educational principles outlined in Academic Freedom for Students at Michigan State University.

A responsible citizen lives within community established regulations. He or she accepts responsibility for his/her behavior; participates in the formulation and enforcement of community established regulations; believes in justice for all; acts with integrity; supports a system for insuring that individuals accused of violating regulations experience due process; respects him/herself and the personal rights and property of others and a reasonable system of authority.

In order to meet our mission, The Department of Student Life provides a variety of programs and services designed to provide faculty, staff and students with the means to resolve conflict peacefully and to help restore members of our community when harm is done. You will find a comprehensive listing of these programs on our Conflict Resolution Services page.