What is mediation?

  • Mediation is a third-party facilitated intervention that brings disputants face-to-face.
  • Mediation is designed to help disputants reach a conciliatory agreement for moving forward.
  • Mediation takes on many forms and has many names associated with it. Student Life employs “interest-based” or “problem-solving” mediation. This style of mediation has a future orientation and is focused on solutions, rather than a historical orientation and a focus on problems.

How is mediation used?

  • At MSU, mediation is most commonly used within the Greek letter community to resolve conflicts between Chapters, and to address social policy & recruitment violations.
  • Mediation can help students resolve interpersonal conflicts as well.
  • Mediation is most effective when used with smaller groups and 2-sided conflicts.

Why mediation matters?

  • The skills and strategies learned from mediation can be applied to a variety of leadership or management settings, beyond the immediate issues at hand.
  • The skills and strategies learned from mediation can be used to help those with unresolved concerns move forward.
  • Mediation allows those directly involved in conflict to maintain control over its resolution (win-win), without handing over that resolution to a third-party (win-lose).

Who are our mediators?

  • Student Life mediators are full-time employees with nationally accredited mediation certification, and years of higher education mediation experience.

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