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Restorative Justice at MSU Poster (printable in various sizes)

Restorative Justice at MSU template for PowerPoint slides


RJ at MSU Bulletin Board
RJ Bulletin Board (Spring 2012) pptx#2


2011-12 RJ at MSU Annual Report


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General documents about RJ at MSU

Restorative Thinking Form–For the One Who Caused Harm

Restorative Thinking Form–General Harm/Roommate Issues

Circles Guideline Packet

DRL Restorative Justice Flow Chart




RJ Surveys Participants Complete after every RJ Circle or Conference

RJ Circle Evaluation – Participant

RJ Circle Evaluation – Facilitator

RJ Post-Circle Evaluation

2011 RJ Circle Evaluation Packet




RJ at MSU Flier (one-page summary) in Various Languages

RJ Flier (English)

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RJ at MSU Brochure (two pages of introduction and explanation) in Various Languages

RJ Brochure (English)

RJ Brochure Spanish

RJ Brochure Chinese

RJ Brochure Turkish

RJ Brochure URDU