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You have been directed to this page because you just submitted one of the following:

An Appeal to an OIE Decision and a Subsequent Sanction Recommendation


A Standard Student Conduct Appeal (all other appeals)

  • An appeal is a request to have a 3rd party review a recent decision by a Student Conduct Administrator or a Student Conduct Hearing Board.
  • The University Student Appeals Board (USAB) reviews all initial appeals. If the USAB upholds a recommended suspension or dismissal, a final appeal may be submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Services.

Appeal Timelines/Information

  • Sanctions (if rendered) are held in abeyance during the appeals process.
  • Appeals to the USAB are typically resolved within 2-3 weeks.
  • Suspensions and dismissals are subject to approval by the Vice President of Student Affairs.


*CAUSE is defined as knowledge of case, or personal or professional relationships with the claimant, respondent, witnesses, or OIE investigator, such that the challenged person would be unable to hear the case fairly and impartially.”

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