Sunday, August 29, 2021

Residence Halls Move-In will continue as scheduled

7 – 11 PM (EST)
Spartan Engage U Evening Activities
(Coordinated with Residence Education and Housing Services as an extension of community building activities.)

SPARTAN NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (7-9 pm EST) Please join the MSU Museum for an amazing interactive tour of the MSU Museum. Hosted by MSU Museum.

PLANETARIUM STARTACULAR SHOW (7-9 pm EST) Please join the Abrams Planetarium staff for an interactive “Sky Over MSU” experience. Event will explore the constellations, planets and other observable phenomena that can be seen in the skies over MSU. Abrams Planetarium website at

SPARTY SMART TRIVIA (9-11 pm EST) Opportunity to win prizes during each round. Participants will win prizes. 

SPARTAN SCAVENGER HUNT (9-11 pm EST) Join us for a virtual campus wide scavenger hunt delivered via MSU Student Life Facebook Live. Event participants must post pictures of scavenger hunt items or locations on the MSU Student Life Facebook page or send pictures to our MSU Student Life departmental email. The first correct posting will win that round, and a total of 10 rounds will be provided for a chance to win first, second, and third place prizes based on the number of rounds won. Event will be virtual but additional points will be awarded for onsite location picture posts or historical picture posts of items. Watch our social media throughout the day to get scavenger hunt clues prior to the event. Hosted by Student Life.

Residence Hall Floor/Hall Meetings are REQUIRED
Information will be sent to residence hall students providing more detail on residence hall floor/hall meeting.