Leadership Transition

  • Elections

    Elections should be held each semester or annually, with special elections when needed. A RSO should abide by its constitution and bylaws for processes and procedures.

  • Transition
    • Update your Involve@State profile with your new officer(s)/leader(s)
    • Ensure the new officer/leader has a copy of the organization constitution, all passwords to email/social media accounts, etc., key contacts and their information, and other organization documents, such as agendas and meeting minutes.
      • Consider having these in a MS Teams drive, Google drive, etc.
      • Student Organization Constitution can be found on your I@S Profile.
    • Review the duties and responsibilities of the position with the new officer/leader.
      • Use the organization constitution and other documents to help frame the role.
    • Introduce the new officer/leader to the student organization advisor.
    • Set up a meeting with the new officer/leader or plan a retreat to ensure the full leadership team is on the same page with plans, goals, etc.
      •  Consider incorporating this step into the annual post-election process.
      • In the cases of special elections or appointments, you should coordinate smaller meetings/retreats as early as possible after a special election or appointment.
    • Review any budgetary/financial information with the new officer/leader, including:
      • Any rules and procedures related to finances.
      • Updating Authorized Signatories with respective accounts (on campus or off).
      • Contact information for any staff members at MSU who assists with finances.
    • Offer an opportunity to shadow the outgoing officer/leader, if available.
    • Review any past and future event/meeting information, if applicable.
      • Include items such as standing reservations, how to make reservations, etc.
    • Connect the new officer/leader with any resources they may need in order to complete their duties and responsibilities.
      • Include information from the ASMSU RSO Consultants, Department of Student Life, institutional/department/campus partners, etc.
    Please feel free to reach out to the Department of Student Life for any additional assistance or questions about transitioning a leader in your organization at involve@msu.edu.
Updated 21 May 2021