RSO Team

Photo of an Asian male in a sweater

Brian Hercliff-Proffer, He/Him

Assistant Director


Focus Areas: Strategic Directions, Advocacy, Resources, Unit Collaborations, Involve@State Platform, RSO Advisors and RSO Advising

Male in a blue sweater against a beige background

Adam Winans, He/Him

RSO Office Assistant


Focus Areas: RSO Events, RSO Registrations


RSO Business Office Manager



Focus Areas: RSO Account Creation/Renewals, Deposits, Expenses, Statements

A white female in a blue blouse with a green background

Reva Durr, She/Hers

Graduate Assistant for Registered Student Organizations


Focus Areas: Workshops, Trainings, RSO Advising

Black female with a white background

Piper Holly, She/Hers

ASMSU RSO Consultant Manager


Focus Areas: Marketing, RSO Funding, RSO Advising

White male in a light colored shirt with a landscape background

Macken Keefe, He/Him

ASMSU RSO Consultant


Focus Areas: Student Allocations Board Applications & Presentations, Constitutions, RSO Advising