RSO Events: Fall 2021 Edition

This page will offer you all the resources, guidelines and information for you to help you plan you RSO events!
  • COVID19 Guidelines
    • Is there capacity limits for indoor or outdoor venues for the Fall 2021 Semester?
      • As a common practice, most venues on campus have lifted capacity limits.

    • Are we required to wear masks at our event?
    • Are we required to be physically distant during our in-person event?
      • No

    • Do we need a virtual option for our in-person events?
      • While not required, we highly encourage you to think in a hybrid manner when you can.
  • General FAQs
    1. Where do I submit my RSO's Event Request?
      1. You will:
        1. Log into Involve@State
        2. Go to your RSO Page
        3. Select "Manage Organization" (Only those individuals with access will have this option)
        4. Select 3 horizontal line icon in upper left corner
        5. Select "Events"
        6. Select blue "+Create Event" in the upper right corner

    • What date range are we allowed to select for our meetings?
      • You may only select event dates that fall during the current semester.  For this purpose, the last date of event of the current semester is the Friday prior to finals.  

    • Can we request recurring events for our weekly meetings? 
      • If you would like a recurring event (weekly meetings), add each date and time to your form. 
    • Can we select a specific room for our meetings? 
      • Be sure to include a room number if you would like a specific room. 
    • I did not get the room I requested. Why did this happen? 
      • We will typically attempt to get the room you are asking for. If that is not available, we will try something in the same building, and if that is not available, we will try for something comparable before denying a request. 

    • I must make a change to the event I submitted. Can I do this? 
      • Please do your best not to alter a pending or existing request. Doing so will "start over" the process on your request. 

    • How long will it take for my event to be approved? 
      • Please allow 5 business days minimum to process basic events (meetings, information tables, etc.) and 10-20 business days minimum for more detailed events (groups having food, outdoor events, weekend events, 5Ks, events with amplified sound, large-scale events, etc.).
  • Event Resources