MSU Financial Accounts


University RSO Financial Accounts

2021-2022 University Account Renewals can be done through your Annual Registration form. Accounts must be renewed prior to October 15, 2021. You must have registered in Involve@State as a Registered Student Organization for 2021-2022. For new accounts, please see the "Establishing an Agency Account" Section below.

Check out the RSO Business Office page ( on Involve@State for the following forms:

  • 2021-22 Financial Account Application for NEW Account or to UPDATE Authorized Signers on Existing Accounts
  • 2021-22 RSO Deposit Request Form-to deposit funds into your account
  • 2021-22 Student Account Payment Voucher-to spend funds from your account
  • CashNet Store Request Voucher-eCommerce at MSU

To schedule an appointment to review your University Financial Account, please visit:

NOTE: MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) accounts are off campus accounts and are separate from your RSO's on campus account. To find out more about getting an MSUFCU account visit:

  • General Policy
    The University does not require student organizations to have their financial accounts with the Controller’s Office.  They are, however, required to follow good accounting principles and effective financial control of their funds.
    • Registered student organizations, on-campus living unit organizations, major governing groups, and Associated Students of Michigan State University may request to have a financial account with the Controller’s Office and shall be given an account upon approval of the application by both the Division of Student Affairs & Services and the Controller’s Office.
    • Registered student organizations sponsoring revenue-producing events on campus or in University facilities must have a University financial account and all revenues and expenditures of the revenue-producing event must go through this account unless the revenues are under $50 per day.  The University, through the Division of Student Affairs and Service, reserves the right to review and audit this account.
    • Student organizations, having the right to use University facilities and services, have the option of paying for the use of University facilities and services either by cash or through their University account, if such an account exists.  Certain departments request cash payments in advance. Make sure that you inquire with the department as to the acceptable method of payment.  (The following units will not accept cash:  Physical Plant, Telephone Charges, Mail Processing, Computer Store, Data Processing Charges, and Purchasing.)
    • A signature form designating at least two student officers authorized to expense on accounts, calling for the expenditure of funds from the organization’s University account must be on file with Student Life and the Student Organization Central Business Office (hereinafter referred to as the “SOCBO”)
    • Student organizations and their officers are responsible for any financial obligations incurred by the organization as well as for any overdraft in their University account.
    • The University is not obligated to process authorized expenditures if there is not sufficient funds in the student organization’s University account.  All other authorized expenditures will be processed, unless prohibited by law or applicable University regulations.
    • Student organizations are considered a separate entity from Michigan State University and do not fall under MSU’s tax exempt status.  Therefore, student organizations should not use MSU’s Tax ID or presume they are tax exempt.
      • If tax exempt status is desired, it is the responsibility of each organization to file the appropriate paperwork and provide proof of this status to the Accounting Office.
      • Organizations with national affiliation may check with their national organization to see if they fall under the national tax-exempt number. 
      • Otherwise, forms from the State of Michigan and the Federal Government must be filed.  These forms can be obtained by contacting the State of Michigan Treasury Department,, and the Internal Revenue Service,
    • Each organization is liable for their tax filings and tax reporting, with the exception of Form 1099 filings for the organization’s University account.  The University will provide all Form 1099 filings on all applicable purchases funded by a student organization’s University account.  The student organization is responsible for Form 1099 filings on applicable non-University account purchases, if any.
    • For raffles, an organization must attain a raffle license. For more information on this please visit the State of Michigan Lottery Charitable Giving Website
  • Policies and Procedures for Financial Accounts
    Procedures related to financial transactions involving the use of a University account (herein after referred to as an agency account) follow. These procedures have been developed and approved by the Controller’s Office. The SOCBO can provide assistance with bookkeeping procedures and processing the various E-docs mentioned below. The Student Life Office will provide by e-mail the monthly operating statement. If needed, assistance with the reconciliation of this statement can be provided by the SOCBO.
  • Establishing an Agency Account
    To request an agency account with the Controller’s Office, BOTH the “Application for Agency Account” and “Authorized Signature” forms must be completed.  These forms can be found at under the University Financial Accounts Section.  Upon completion, forms should be taken to the Student Life Office, Room 101 Student Services Building for review and approval.  After forms have been approved, Student Life will contact the organization so that forms can be picked up from their office and brought to the Accounting Office for account setup.  Forms and at least $50 to establish a balance must be brought to MSU Accounting, Room 360 Hannah Administration Building.
    Student Life staff requires at least three (3) class days to review the material.  After the material has been approved by the appropriate staff, one of the following actions should take place:
    • If it is a new account or overdrawn account, the student organization must pick up the approved materials and personally take them to the Accounting Office.
    • If the organization is only re-applying for an account with no overdraft present, the Student Life staff will automatically send the forms to the SOCBO and the MSU Accounting Office (see Renewal of Account).
    Organizations must have all officers who are authorized to sign listed on the application form.  A minimum of two officers are required.  After the Accounting Office has approved the accounting request, a Cash Receipt e-doc will be initiated and submitted for the deposit of funds.  After e-doc has been submitted a Cash Receipt Cover Sheet will be provided to the organization.  This sheet along with funds must be taken to the Cashier’s Office, 110 Administration Building for the completion of deposit.  An account number will be assigned after verification of deposit has been made.
    The approval and establishment of a student agency account does not:
    • Automatically entitle the organization to the use of all University services.
    • Place the organization under the University’s tax-exempt umbrella.
    • Make the University liable for any of the organization’s actions.
    • Grant the organization the right to use the University’s payroll system.
  • Update Authorized Signers

    You may update RSO Authorized Signers in your annual Registration. If you need to update your Authorized Signers outisde of that timeframe the 2021-22 Financial Account Application for NEW Accounts or to UPDATE Authorized Signers on Existing Account form can be found at

  • Deposit of Funds

    To deposit money into an agency account, a Cash Deposit receipt e-Doc must be generated by the SOCBO.  The receipt can be requested via the "21/22 RSO Deposit Request Form" on Involve@State.


    Deposits should be delivered to the MSU Cashier’s Office within 1-2 business days of obtaining the Cash Deposit Receipt.  Their office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Deposits made through the last business day of a month will appear on that month’s operating statement.  Sufficient funds must be on deposit to cover all charges incurred during the month to avoid an overdraft.

  • Distributing Funds
    Funds can only be distributed from an account in one of the following ways.  Cash may not be directly withdrawn from an account.
  • Payments & Reimbursements

    Types of payments include, payments to off campus vendors, refunds to the organization, reimbursement for expenditures incurred by members of an organization, withdrawals of funds, etc.  Only one person or vendor can be paid on a disbursement voucher E-doc.
    Expenses must be documented via the Student Account Payment Voucher in Involve@State with the appropriate documentation attached.

    The Student Organization will prepare and submit the voucher to the SOCBO.  The SOCBO will review and route the voucher to MSU’s Accounting Office for approval and payment.  All payment requests made to the SOCBO must be submitted by an authorized signer with a valid MSU NETID.  Note:  Reimbursements to an authorized signer must be submitted by a different authorized signer on file with the Student Life Office.  Itemized receipts (to reimburse individuals) and invoices (for payment of services) must be submitted along with the voucher.

    NOTE: For amounts greater than $500.00, the organization’s advisor must sign the document. 

  • Paying another Campus Department or Organization
    Many University service units will bill organization accounts internally by moving funds from one account to another through an e-doc. The SOCBO will assist with determining the proper e-doc.
    An Internal Billing document is used when moving funding between agency accounts.
    The Distribution of Income and Expense or the Internal Billing document is used when transferring funds to a non-agency account from an agency account. 
    NOTE:  While transfers between student or non-student agency accounts are acceptable, University departments MUST obtain Dean’s Office authorization to donate departmental funds to Student accounts.  These donations must be initiated with the Internal Billing e-doc.
    A department may also support a student organization by transferring charges in the following manners:
    • TRANSFER OF EXPENSE: Organization incurs the expense/charge against their Student Account.  Upon confirmation of charge (issued check, processed e-doc), provide the reference detail to the supporting department so they may transfer the expense to their account via Distribution of Income and Expense e-doc.

    • REIMBURSEMENT TO STUDENT:  An officer of the student organization may pay for the supply or service and provides all appropriate receipts (store receipts, credit card statements, etc) to the department to be reimbursed. Note: Payment must meet established University policies for reimbursements.  All questions should be directed to the reimbursing Department.
    • DIRECT PAYMENT TO VENDOR:  Department may pay for an expense on behalf of the student organization.  Payment must meet established University policies.  All questions should be directed to the Department.
  • Service Fee

    Student organization agency accounts have historically been charged a monthly service fee of $5.00. ASMSU is covering the $5 monthly service fee for RSO agency accounts for the 2021-2022 academic year.  These fees partially cover the costs of services that the University renders.  Such services include, but are not limited to, the monthly preparation of operating statements detailing all transactions (see “Monthly Operating Statements” Section), account administration and maintenance, the payment of expenses through the University’s payment system, and the ability to use certain University service centers.  Such fees are automatically charged to an organization’s account each month (even if there has been no activity in the account).

    Any organization maintaining an agency account with the University will be assessed a $20.00 charge if such organization’s account reflects an overdraft (negative) balance at the end of any calendar month.  The balance at the end of any calendar month shall mean the actual balance (not including encumbrances) reflected on the organization’s account.  The organization is required to immediately deposit into their account the greater of $50.00 or the amount of the overdraft and overdraft fee (see “Deposit of Funds” Section).  Failure to do so will result in a financial hold on authorized account signers.  The Controller’s Office reserves the right to increase either of the above fees without prior notice.

  • Account Termination

    At all times the University reserves the right to close or expire a student agency account at its discretion.

  • Financial Hold

    A financial hold will be placed against the officers (currently on file in Accounting) of any group that has an overdrawn balance in its account.  The hold will be issued immediately following the occurrence of the overdrafts.  If the overdraft remains unpaid, the hold will remain in effect for future registrations.

  • Services by Infrastructure, Planning, and Facilities (IPF)

    Requests for campus room reservations to host events, meetings, or other Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) services are approved and processed by the Student Life staff, Room 101 Student Services Building, 355-8286.  Groups must have a University account to pay for IPF Services. 

  • Monthly Operating Statements

    A Monthly Operating Statement of Account, reporting activity on the account for the previous calendar month, will be e-mailed to a valid MSU NETID on file with the Department of Student Life. Only accounts activated for the current academic year will receive monthly statement.  If the statement is not received, contact the Department of Student Life, 355-8286.  The statement will provide a means of checking your treasurer’s records against those of MSU Accounting.  If a discrepancy is noted or any other account balance questions arise, an officer of the organization should call the SOCBO at 355-7535 promptly. 

  • Issuing Gifts and Prizes

    Student organizations should follow Section 44 of the MSU Manual of Business Procedures in regards to gift cards and non-cash gifts. It can be found at:

    Generally, gift cards and non-cash gifts may not be purchased for employees. An exception will be made for infrequent, low dollar (not to exceed $75) non-cash gifts. Gift cards cannot be given to MSU employees.

    Gift cards include retail cards, cards for MSU goods and services, VISA or other debit-style cards and Spartan Cash.  Non-cash gifts include tangible personal property and include plaques, flowers, clothing, art, and household goods.

    When submitting vouchers to reimburse for gift card/prize purchases, the name of the recipient(s), address, and NET ID is required to be attached to the voucher before the reimbursement will be paid. 

  • Closing an Account

    To close an unneeded account, complete a Student Account Payment Voucher to donate any remaining funds from the account. Account will NOT be closed until ALL FUNDS have been removed.

Updated 3 September 2021